NRL Footy Tipping Competition

Entry to the City of Sydney RSL NRL Tipping Comp is very easy…simply fill in a registration form, return it and then start placing your tips! Registration forms as well as Rules & Regulations are available on Level 3 or via the tipping email address upon request. Tips can be placed in person, via text or email.

The Competition is only open to current City of Sydney RSL Members, so if you aren’t a member yet, it’s easy to join and costs as little as $5 for one year. (Please see our website’s membership page for more information.)

**Tipsters! Please remember that the footy tipping entry box, weekly results and entry forms are all located at the Level 3 Bar. Please ask staff for assistance or email/text the tipping contacts for more information.**


  • My top 8 pick
    • Those tipsters who can pick the top eight teams after Round 12 will go into to a draw at the end of the season.
  • Perfect Score pool
    • Consists of all tippers who score a perfect score in any one week (must be a full round).
    • At the end of the season all perfect score tipsters will be pooled, and a random winner will be drawn. (Each perfect score qualifies for one entry into the draw.)
  • Mid Strength Award
    • Half season winner with the most points at the end of Round 13.
  • Joker Rounds
    • At the start of the competition you will be able to pick four rounds of your choice where you can earn triple points per game (E.g. Rounds 1, 4, 7 and 9)
  • Knockout Comp (New)

How does Knockout Comp work?

    • The knockout Comp runs concurrently with the tipping comp.
    • No extra points are given to the overall tipping comp from the knockout tips.
    • Each week tipsters will need to nominate one winning team (tipsters cannot pick the same team in two consecutive weeks)
    • If the team they select wins, the tipsters progress to the next week, if the team they select loses or ends in a draw, they are knocked out. (note this will not knock them out of the overall tipping comp, it only affects the knockout comp).
    • If the last remaining tipsters in the knockout comp are all knock out in the same round they will be automatically reinstated to continue until a knockout comp winner is found.
  • Wildcard (New)
    • Each tipster has (1) wildcard that they can use anytime during the season.
    • The wildcard will double the points score for that round.
    •  For the wildcard to be used and valid it must be selected by a tipster as part of the round’s tips.
  • Jonathan Thurston Award (New)
    • This award will be awarded at the end of the footy tipping comp.
    • It will be awarded to the tipster that is able to win the most weekly rounds in a row.
    • If there is a tie the scores for each round will be added together, the tipster with the highest points wins the award.